World’s tallest man may be from Ghana, Uncover the details here

Find out the truth behind the story of Sulemana Abdul Samed, a 29-year-old man from Northern Ghana reportedly the world’s tallest at 9 feet six inches.

But, is it true?

Let’s dig into the details.

A photo of the world's tallest man in ghana
World tallest man in Ghana, Sulemana Abdul Samed with BBC journalists
Photo credit: BBC

Who is the world’s tallest man in Ghana?

Sulemana Abdul Samed, commonly known by his nickname Awuche (which means ‘Let’s Go’ in Hausa), hails from a village in Northern Ghana.

After completing his secondary education, he relocated to the capital to stay with his brother.

Despite aspiring to become a driver, health problems compelled him to return to his village.

He remembered waking up one day to discover that his tongue had expanded to the point where breathing became difficult.

Is he the World’s tallest man?

A few years after being diagnosed with gigantism, the young man went for his monthly checkup to manage the challenges of living as an unusually tall person.

A clinic in Ghana stated that 29-year-old Sulemana Abdul Samed was reported to be an astonishing 9 feet six inches tall.

During the visit, he was asked to stand up straight against a measuring rod.

Local doctors and nurses couldn’t confirm his measurements due to a lack of proper tools.

One nurse shockingly said to him that he had grown way taller than their measuring scale.

Abdul Samed found the attention amusing.

While he wasn’t shocked to learn he had grown taller, it caught the staff off guard because they were not ready for such a situation.

Confirming the world’s tallest man status

Samed stands taller than most homes in his village, making him a local sensation.

At a local clinic, nurses and doctors attempted various methods to measure his height, using a pole and stick among them.

Samed mentioned to the BBC, “The way they measure me, I cannot say everything is perfect.”

The height issue was eventually resolved when a BBC journalist used a 16-foot tape measure.

Samed stood against a wall, and the result revealed he was seven feet four inches tall.

Although impressive, this is one foot shorter than Turkey’s Sultan Kosen, who holds the Guinness World Records title for the ‘tallest man alive.

“I’m still growing tall. Who knows, maybe one day I may get to that height too,” Samed said, referring to Kosen.

“Every three months of four months I grow… If you’ve not seen me for three months or four, and you see me, you’d realise I have increased,” he added.

Who then is the world’s tallest man?

Sultan Kosen holds the remarkable title of the world’s tallest man, boasting an astonishing height of 251 cm (8 ft. 2.82 in).

An image of world's tallest man and world's tallest woman in Egypt
world’s tallest man and world’s tallest woman
Source: dailysabbah

What is Marfan Syndrome

According to BBC, Samed has Marfan Syndrome, a condition that has caused his spine to curve unusually.

This genetic disorder impacts the body’s connective tissues, leading to unusually long limbs.

Doctors think Samed might require brain surgery to halt his continuous growth.

Despite this, Samed remains optimistic “This is how Allah designed it for me, and I’m okay with it. I don’t have an issue with the way God made me,” he shared with the BBC.


The tallest man in the world is Sultan Kosen, a Turkish by nationality.

He is only 1 foot taller than Abdul Samed who is currently the tallest man in Ghana.

Abdul Samed stands tall, not only in stature but also as a symbol of resilience, uniqueness, and the extraordinary diversity found within the human experience.

As the tallest man in Ghana, he has faced both the challenges and joys that come with being a towering figure in a society that may not always be accommodating to such uniqueness.

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