Who is the Tallest MLB Player? The Giants of The Game!

You are probably here coz you might be wondering who the tallest player in MLB is. Don’t worry coz you are at the right place.

Baseball is a game of skill, strategy, and statistics. But sometimes, physical attributes can also make a difference.

In a sport where the average height is around 6 feet 2 inches, some players stand out for being exceptionally tall.

Who are these giants of the game, and how do they use their height to their advantage?

In this article, we will explore the history and achievements of some of the tallest MLB players ever, from the legendary Randy Johnson to the current record-holders Sean Hjelle and Jon Rauch.

We will also look at some of the challenges and benefits of being a towering pitcher or hitter in the major leagues.

Whether you are a fan of baseball or just curious about human diversity, you will find this article fascinating and informative.

So, let’s get started with our list of the tallest MLB players of all time!

The tallest player to ever play baseball, Loek Van Mil.
Source: Mark Duncan/AP

The Benefits of Height in Baseball

Height unquestionably confers specific physical benefits in baseball, especially for pitchers.

A pitcher’s taller stature brings their release point closer to the plate, possibly enhancing the perception of pitch speed and reducing the batter’s reaction time.

Additionally, a taller player’s extended arm span can generate a more pronounced downward trajectory for pitches, presenting a greater challenge for batters.

Yet, the question remains: does this physical edge result in superior performance in the league? This aspect warrants further exploration.

Statistics reveal that height can have some correlation with some performance indicators, such as how fast pitchers can throw the ball, but it doesn’t always mean more success.

However, it’s important to note that height alone doesn’t guarantee overall success.

Other factors such as accuracy, skill, and mindset are just as important, if not more crucial in determining a player’s performance and longevity in the league.

The Tallest Player in the MLB History

Loek van Mil (7’1″)

As the tallest player ever in professional baseball, Loek van Mil made a lasting impact on the sport.

Hailing from the Netherlands, his career spanned various leagues internationally.

Although his aspiration to join the major leagues with the Minnesota Twins remained unfulfilled, he had a successful career.

Van Mil’s towering stature was an imposing sight on the pitcher’s mound, but it was his skill and determination that truly distinguished him.

He enjoyed a successful stint in the Dutch Major League, and got recognition as the league’s top pitcher in 2007.

His standout performances led to his inclusion in the World Port Tournament, where he played a pivotal role in the Dutch team’s triumph in 2009.

Throughout his international journey, Van Mil competed in leagues across Australia, Japan, and the Netherlands, representing the Dutch national team in the World Baseball Classic.

An image of the tallest player in the MLB history
Loek Van Mil, the tallest to ever play the game of baseball
Source: Tall People Guide

Off the field, Van Mil was celebrated for his warm demeanor and fervent love for the game.

He gave back to his community by participating in various baseball clinics for young enthusiasts, sharing his expertise and passion with the next generation of players.

Sadly, Van Mil’s career was abruptly halted by a fatal accident in 2019.

Nonetheless, his legacy endures through the inspiration he provided to countless players by nurturing emerging talent.

His story serves as a source of motivation for aspiring athletes to strive for greatness, both in physical stature and in their dedication to their sport.

The tallest MLB Player Currently, 2023/2024

Drafted in 2022, Sean Hjelle who is 6 feet 11 inches is the currently the tallest player in the MLB.

He is a right-handed pitcher who plays for the San Francisco Giants organization.

Additionally, Hjelle leverages his height to make his pitches more effective, creating a sharp angle that can be hard for batters to hit.

An image of the tallest player in the MLB currently
Sean Hjelle, The tallest player in the MLB currently.
Photo Credits: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

List of other tallest players in the MLB History

  • Jon Rauch (6’11”)

Rauch had a long and impressive MLB career as a pitcher. He played for the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins. Additionally, Jon Rauch shares the record for the tallest player in the MLB.

  • Randy Johnson (6’10”)

Randy Johnson used his 6’10” stature to become one of the most dominant pitchers in MLB history.

  • Eric Hillman (6’10”)

Eric Hillman, a former pitcher for the New York Mets, is also 6’10”. His height gave him a distinctive pitching angle, making it hard for hitters to follow his pitches.

  • Aaron Slegers (6’10”)

Aaron Slegers, another 6’10” pitcher, is currently with the Tampa Bay Rays. His height gives him a benefit, especially when combined with his great control and strong work ethic.

  • Chris Young (6’10”)

Chris Young, another 6’10” MLB player, has had a long career as a pitcher with several teams, such as the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners. Young used his height to create an unusual upward plane on his pitches, making them hard for batters to hit well.

  • Mark Hendrickson (6’9″)

Mark Hendrickson, a former MLB pitcher and NBA player, is 6’9″. His remarkable height helped him in both sports, and he is one of only 13 athletes to have played in both MLB and NBA.

  • Tayron Guerrero (6’8″)

Tayron Guerrero, who is 6’8″, is a promising player in the MLB. He is a pitcher who uses his height to create a sharp angle on his pitches, making them hard for hitters to connect with.

  • Chris Martin (6’8″)

Chris Martin, another 6’8″ player, among the tallest in  the MLB, currently pitches for the Atlanta Braves. His height has always been a big advantage in his pitching career, allowing him to create a downward plane on his pitches.

  • Brad Wieck (6’8″)

Brad Wieck, also 6’8″, is a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. His tall frame gives him a unique presence on the mound, which he uses to create a steep trajectory on his pitches.

  • Dellin Betances (6’8″)

Dellin Betances, who is 6’8″, is a hard-throwing relief pitcher currently with the New York Mets. His height gives him a power advantage, allowing him to generate high velocity on his fastball.

  • Tyler Glasnow (6’8″)

Tyler Glasnow, another 6’8″ player, is a right-handed pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays. He uses his height to create a high release point, making it hard for batters to hit his pitches.

Challenges encountered by the tallest players

While being tall can be helpful in baseball, it also brings its own problems.

Tall players, like any other athletes, need to change how they play to fit their bodies.

Though height may offer certain benefits in baseball, it also presents its own unique obstacles.

Staying Nimble:

Tall players usually have a higher body center, which can make it harder for them to move quickly and flexibly.

Being agile is super important in baseball since fast decisions and reactions really count.

For example, infielders need to move swiftly to catch ground balls, and batters must adjust their swings fast depending on the pitch.

Even though there are some tall players who are exceptions, many taller athletes have to work extra hard to improve their agility compared to shorter players.


Tallest players in the MLB might not always be as fast as shorter folks. This could happen because of things like how their bodies move and how long their steps are.

In MLB, being fast is really important for things like running bases or catching balls in the outfield.

So, the tallest player might need to spend extra time practicing to get faster and keep up with the game.

Strike Zone

Taller batters face a downside because they have a bigger area where pitchers can throw strikes.

They have to be good at hitting pitches all over this bigger zone and figure out ways to handle low pitches, which can be tough to hit.

Injury Prevention

The tallest MLB players can be at more risk of certain injuries because their joints might experience more strain.

To help avoid these injuries, it’s super important for them to do exercises that improve their strength, flexibility, and overall fitness.


Height is a fascinating and influential factor in baseball. It can provide some advantages, such as a faster and steeper pitch, or a longer reach and swing.

Besides, it can also pose some challenges, such as finding the right equipment, adjusting the mechanics, dealing with injuries, and facing stereotypes and expectations.

However, height is not the only determinant of success in the league. Skill, technique, strategy, and mentality are equally, if not more, important for a player’s performance and longevity.

The tallest MLB players have shown that they can use their height to their benefits. However, they are also able to overcome the difficulties that come with it.

They have also proven that they are more than just their height, and that they have the talent, passion, and character to excel in the sport.

The tallest players in MLB have inspired many fans and players, both tall and short, to pursue their dreams and reach new heights in their baseball careers.

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