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Discover the contents of this article to learn about Travis Scott Height a renowned American rapper.

Jacques Bermon Webster II, widely recognized as Travis Scott in the entertainment realm.

Travis Scott is a prominent rap artist, vocalist, lyricist, and music producer from the United States.

His chosen stage moniker amalgamates the title of a beloved uncle with the first name of a source of inspiration, Kid Cudi.

Travis Scott’s height is approximately 177cm, equivalent to roughly 5 feet 10 inches.

Travis Scott’s family includes his two children, Aire Webster and Stormi Webster.

He shares these children with his partner Kylie Jenner.

Travis Scott’s parents are Wanda Webster and Jacques Webster.

His family is an important part of his life and journey, and he often shares glimpses of his experiences as a father and his strong bond with his parents with his fans and followers.

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Travis Scott Height
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Travis Scott Height, Age and other Body Measurements

Travis Scott’s stature is around 177cm, which is approximately equal to 5 feet 10 inches in measurement.

Born on April 30, 1991, Jacques Bermon Webster II came into this world.

Travis is currently around 32 years old.

Travis Scott’s weight is approximately 73 kg, which is equivalent to 161 lbs.

Career and Net worth

Travis Scott, an American rapper and vocalist, boasts a net worth of $85 million in USD.

His prominence within the American music scene is undeniable, as he is widely regarded as one of the most eminent figures in the history of rap music.

His remarkable contributions have garnered numerous accolades and acknowledgments.

In 2008, Travis Scott marked his entry into the realm of singing and rapping, embarking on a journey that led to the creation of several exceptional albums and mixtapes.

His ascent to fame was the result of dedicated efforts and hard work during his formative career years.

In 2012, his persistence paid off when he secured a significant recording contract with Epic Records, alongside a publishing agreement with GOOD Music, a company founded by Kanye West.

Collaborations with Kanye West and other prominent artists further solidified his position in the industry.

Beyond his discography, he has undertaken extensive global concert tours.

Travis Scott’s extraordinary talents as a singer and rapper have garnered him an array of prestigious awards and honors, emphasizing his remarkable accomplishments.

With four studio albums released and an array of worldwide concert tours under his belt, Travis Scott’s musical legacy has become globally renowned.

His early entry into the music scene undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping his success.

As of now, Travis Scott’s net worth stands at an impressive $85 million.

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Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner
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Travis Scott Height Comparison to other Celebrities

Travis Scott’s height is approximately 177cm, which is equivalent to about 5 feet 10 inches, matching the stature of Chance The Rapper and A$AP Rocky.

Celebrity Height
Travis Scott 177cm (5ft 10in)
Brad Pitt 180cm (5ft 11in)
Rihanna 173cm (5ft 8in)
Beyoncรฉ 169cm (5ft 6in)
Dwayne Johnson 196cm (6ft 5in)
Taylor Swift 178cm (5ft 10in)
Leonardo DiCaprio 183cm (6ft 0in)
Scarlett Johansson 160cm (5ft 3in)
Tom Cruise 170cm (5ft 7in)
Emma Watson 165cm (5ft 5in)
Chris Hemsworth 191cm (6ft 3in)


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