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From a city once dominated by logging and scarred by the Great Seattle Fire of 1889, emerged the foundation for a metropolis adorned with stone and brick structures.

Today, Seattle boasts 117 high-rise buildings in steel, glass, and aluminum, reaching heights up to 285 meters.

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes, the city now harbors Washington’s top twenty tallest buildings.

Beginning with the Pioneer Building (34m, 1892), Seattle’s skyline has evolved, culminating in the proposed 314m 4/C building.

As it transforms, Seattle’s skyline is poised to rival global counterparts in the Middle East and Asia.

An image of the tallest buildings in Seattle
Seattle City’s Skyline
Photo Credits: katebackdrop

What’s the Tallest building in Seattle?

With 76 floors and a height of 937 feet, the Columbia Center is the tallest building in Seattle.

It is located in the downtown area and offers various amenities such as office space, retail space, restaurants, and more.

On the 73rd floor, visitors can enjoy the Sky View Observatory, which is the highest public viewing deck in the entire Pacific Northwest.

Additionally, Columbia Center provides a 360-degree view of the city and the surrounding areas from 902 feet in the air.

The Columbia Center, completed in 1985 was the tallest building on the West Coast at that time.

It has been updated to meet modern standards, but it still ranks 41st among the tallest buildings in the US.

An image of the tallest skyscraper in Seattle
Columbia Center, the tallest skyscraper in Seattle, built 30 years ago.
Photo Credits: Steve Ringman / The Seattle Times

The Columbia Center is not only impressive in its height, but also in its design and engineering.

The building has a distinctive shape, with three geometric concave facades and two setbacks, creating the appearance of three towers standing side by side. 

Furthermore, the tallest building in Seattle employs viscoelastic dampers and triangular bracing to withstand earthquake and wind forces.

The Columbia Center is a remarkable building that showcases Seattle’s architectural and technological achievements.

Moreover, it is a landmark that deserves to be recognized and appreciated by locals and visitors alike.

List of the 10 tallest buildings in Seattle

Seattle has a diverse and dynamic skyline that reflects its architectural and technological achievements.

Here’s a list of the top ten tallest buildings in the City.

Rank Name Height (ft/m) Floors Use Year Rank in the US
1 Columbia Center 937 (286) 76 Office 1985 41st tallest building
2 Rainier Square Tower 850 (259) 58 Office, Residential 2021 64th tallest
3 1201 Third Avenue 772 (235) 55 Office 1988 98th tallest
4 Two Union Square 740 (226) 56 Office 1989 129th tallest
5 Seattle Municipal Tower 722 (220) 62 Office 1990 151st tallest
6 F5 Tower 660 (201) 43 Office/Hotel 2017
7 Safeco Plaza 630 (192) 50 Office 1969
8 U.S. Bank Center 606 (185) 44 Office 1989
Space Needle[C] 605 (184) 5 Observation 1962 4th tallest observation Center
9 Russell Investments Center 598 (182) 42 Office 2006
10 DocuSign Tower 573 (175) 47 Office 1983

Commonly Asked Questions about the Tallest Building in Seattle

What is the name of the tallest building in Seattle?

The tallest building in Seattle is the Columbia Center.

How tall is the Columbia Center?

The Columbia Center stands at an impressive height of 937 feet (286 meters).

How many floors does the Columbia Center have?

The Columbia Center has a total of 76 floors.

What is the primary use of the Columbia Center?

The Columbia Center primarily serves offices

When was the Columbia Center completed?

The construction of the Columbia Center concluded in 1985.

Is there an observation deck in the Columbia Center?

Yes! The 73rd floor features an observation deck named the Sky View Observatory, providing a 360-degree view of Seattle and the surrounding areas.

What is the rank of the Columbia Center among the tallest buildings in the United States?

The Columbia Center currently ranks  41st tallest building among the tallest buildings in the United States.

What was the original intended height of the Columbia Center, and why was it reduced?

The Federal Aviation Administration reduced the original design’s height of 1,005 feet (306 meters) due to concerns about a nearby flight path.

How has the Seattle skyline changed over the years in terms of its tallest buildings?

The Seattle skyline has evolved, with the Columbia Center initially being the tallest on the West Coast. Subsequently, the city continues to grow and add new structures, shaping its distinctive skyline.

Are there other notable tall buildings in Seattle besides the Columbia Center?

Yes, there are several notable tall buildings in Seattle, including Rainier Square Tower, 1201 Third Avenue, Two Union Square, and others, each contributing to the city’s impressive skyline.


The tallest building in Seattle, the Columbia Center, reflects the city’s story of overcoming challenges and reaching new heights.

From the aftermath of the Great Seattle Fire to standing as the tallest in the state, this skyscraper embodies Seattle’s growth and adaptability.

As the city continues to change and add more impressive structures, the Columbia Center remains a powerful symbol of Seattle’s progress and innovation.

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