The Tallest Building in Boston: Unravel 200 Clarendon Street

The tallest building in Boston is 200 Clarendon Street, formerly John Hancock Tower at 790 feet tall.

This renowned skyscraper is the tallest in Boston and the tallest building in the whole New England region.

40 years ago, upon its construction, the Hancock Building claimed the title of the tallest structure in New England.

Boston, Massachusetts’ capital and New England’s largest city is well-known for its rich history and architectural diversity.

Among its modern architectural accomplishments is Boston’s tallest building, besides a diverse and eye-catching skyline.

Read on to discover more about the history of the tallest building in Boston and other interesting facts.

What’s the Tallest Building in Boston?

200 Clarendon Street is Boston’s tallest building with a height of 790 feet tall with 60 floors.

Designed by Henry N. Cobb in 1976, it boasts a modern glass exterior that reflects the cityscape.

Its innovative design, including a tuned mass damper, ensures stability in harsh weather.

200 Clarendon Street formerly John Hancock Tower has been the tallest not only in Boston but the entire New England region.

While it’s the tallest, the Prudential Tower closely follows at 749 feet tall and 52 floors, once holding the title of tallest outside NYC when completed in 1964.

Additionally, its important to note that Boston’s tallest building is only the 80th tallest in the US and the 292nd tallest worldwide.

An image of the tallest building in Boston.
200 Clarendon Street (Formerly known as John Hancock Tower), the tallest building in Boston
Source: skyscrapercenter

List of the Top Ten Tallest Buildings in Boston

Here’s a list of the top ten tallest buildings in Boston by height, along with their ranking in the overall US list:

  1. 200 Clarendon Street (formerly John Hancock Tower) – 790 feet (241 m), 60 floors. It is the tallest building in Boston and New England and the 80th-tallest building in the United States
  1. Prudential Tower – 749 feet (228 m), 52 floors.
  1. Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences One Dalton Street – 742 feet (226 m), 61 floors.
  1. Millennium Tower – 685 feet (209 m), 60 floors.
  1. Federal Reserve Bank Building – 614 feet (187 m), 32 floors.
  1. One Boston Place – 601 feet (183 m), 41 floors.
  1. One International Place – 600 feet (183 m), 46 floors.
  1. 100 Federal Street – 591 feet (180 m), 37 floors.
  1. One Financial Center – 590 feet (180 m), 46 floors.
  1. 111 Huntington Avenue – 554 feet (169 m), 36 floors

Comparison of Boston’s Tallest Building to the World’s Tallest Buildings

Boston’s skyline is impressive, with its tallest buildings measured against global giants.

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai towers at 2,716 feet, claiming the title of the world’s tallest building/tower.

In the U.S., One World Trade Center in New York stands proud at 1,776 feet as the nation’s highest.

Oklahoma City’s Devon Energy Tower, at 844 feet, is the tallest in Oklahoma.

Boston’s own 200 Clarendon, reaching 790 feet, is the pinnacle of New England.

The Prudential Tower, also in Boston, stretches to 750 feet.

Currently being constructed is One Dalton, at 699 feet, while the proposed Winthrop Square Tower is set to rise to 690 feet.

Lastly, the Millennium Tower, standing at 685 feet, adds to Boston’s architectural stature.


Boston’s skyline keeps changing with new projects like the Millennium Tower, a fancy residential skyscraper with amazing views and top-notch amenities.

As Boston moves forward, its skyline shows how it mixes history with modern ideas, making a special urban scene.

The tallest building in Boston, 200 Clarendon Street still stands as a symbol of the city’s architectural dreams and its constant pursuit of progress and quality.

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