Tallest Person Alive: Meet Sultan Kösen

Who is the tallest person alive? Imagine meeting someone taller than the average NBA player, the average doorway, and even the average giraffe.

How would you feel standing next to them? Would you be amazed, intimidated, or curious?

Well, you might have a chance to find out, join us as we unveil the tallest person alive, the tallest ever recorded and the reasons for their impressive height.

An image of world's tallest person alive
world’s tallest person alive
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Who is the tallest person alive?

Sultan Kösen, who is 2.51m tall, is the tallest living person in the world today.

He is a Turkish farmer who has been the world’s tallest man since 2009 when Guinness World Records verified his height.

Furthermore, Kösen, who was born in 1982, also has the largest hands (28.5cm from wrist to middle finger tip) and the largest feet (36.5cm for the left and 35.5cm for the right) of anyone alive.

Surprisingly, Sultan Kösen does not hold the record for the tallest person ever. That record belongs to someone from the USA.

Kösen’s exceptional height is attributed to pituitary gigantism, a condition arising from an excess secretion of growth hormone.

According to Guinness World Records, in 2010, Kösen underwent a surgical procedure to halt any further growth.

An image of world's tallest person alive
world’s tallest person alive
Source: dailysabbah

Who is the tallest man in history?

Robert Wadlow, an American, was the tallest confirmed person in history, at a height of 2.72m.

He is a Guinness World Records holder and apart from him, no one has reached his amazing height of 2.72m.

Unfortunately, Wadlow’s life was cut short at the age of only 22 due to the fatal consequences of his height, attributed to pituitary gigantism.

An image illustrating the tallest person in history
World’s tallest man ever
Photo Credit: Guinness World Records

Who are the record holders for being the tallest in history?

Besides Kosen and Waldow, there have been some pretty tall individuals.

Throughout history, numerous individuals have matched or exceeded these towering heights.

The Tallest Woman in History

Zeng Jinlian, a Chinese national from Yao Defen, holds the record for the tallest woman in history.

She reached an impressive height of 2.46 meters and passed away in 1982.

An image of the tallest woman ever
World’s Tallest Woman Ever.
Photo Credits: Reuters

The Tallest Woman Alive

The current tallest living woman is Rumeysa Gelgi from Turkey, much like Sultan Kösen.

Rumeysa Gelgi measures an impressive 2.15 meters.

She succeeded the former record-holder Yao Defen from China, who passed away in 2012 at a height of 2.33.

An image of the world's tallest woman
World’s tallest woman, Rumeysa Gelgi
Photo Credit: Guinness World Records

The second tallest person ever

An American, John Rogan was the confirmed second-tallest person ever in history.

Rogan’s height was also attributed to gigantism and this made him grow to a height of 2.67m.

By 1882, at the age of either 11 or 15 (with uncertainty around his birth year), Rogan used a goat-drawn cart to move around because he lost the ability to walk or stand.


Sultan Kösen of Turkey, is the tallest person alive at 8 ft 2.8 inches (2.51 m) in height.

He is among the 10 people in history who have gone beyond the eight-foot mark.

Important to note is that the tallest person to ever live was Robert Wadlow at 8 ft 11 inches (2.72 m) tall.

He suffered from a rare condition that caused his pituitary gland to produce too much growth thus his towering height.

Wadlow’s height has never been matched, and it is doubtful that anyone will ever do so.

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