Tallest building in NY City: Unveiling New York City’s Skyline

A photo of the tallest building in NYC
One World Trade Centre
Photo credit: thecollector

New York City’s distinctive skyline used to primarily feature the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building.

However, the recent surge in the construction of upscale condominiums has altered the appearance of the city’s skyline.

This compilation of the tallest buildings in NYC includes everything from famous skyscrapers to the highest residential and business properties in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The tallest building in New York City is One World Trade Center.

This building is also the tallest in the entire US and the Western Hemisphere.

Here’s a list of tallest buildings in New York City, starting with the tallest one.

  • One World Trade Center
  • Central Park Tower
  • 111 West 57th Street
  • One Vanderbilt
  • 432 Park Avenue
  • 30 Hudson Yards
  • Empire State Building
  • Bank of America Tower
  • 3 World Trade Center
  • The Brooklyn Tower
  • 53W53
  • The Chrysler Building

1. One World Trade Center

A photo of the tallest building in NYC
One World Trade Centre
Photo credit: thecollector

One World Trade Center is the tallest building in New York City standing at 1776 feet or 546.2 meters.

The building has 104 floors for office spaces, but its spire at the top makes it really tall.

One World Trade Centre is located at 285 Fulton along the neighborhood known as Financial District

One World Trade Center replaced the old Twin Towers and is the tallest in the Western hemisphere and the seventh tallest globally.

Also called the Freedom Tower, this building was planned after the 9/11 attacks, designed by architect David Childs and Daniel Libeskind.

David Childs‘ architectural firm also designed the Willis Tower in Chicago.

You can go up to the observation deck on the 102nd floor observation deck to enjoy amazing views of the city.

2. Central Park Tower- second tallest building in NY City

An image of the tallest residential building in the world
Central Park Towers
Photo credit: Michael Lee/Getty Images

Central Park Tower is super tall at 1,550 feet, or 472 metres.

Central Park is the second tallest building in NY city, and the 14th tallest skyscraper in the world.

Additionally, it tops the list of the tallest residential buildings globally.

It is located at 225 West 57th Street, in Midtown.

The Nordstrom Tower, also known as Central Park Tower, has the famous department store in its basement and first five floors.

The building houses 179 residential condos, amenity spaces, and a private club on the 100th floor.

Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill designed it, and it was revealed in 2020.

As the tallest at 1550 feet, Central Park Tower is the standout gem of Billionaire’s Row.

3. 111 West 57th or Steinway Tower- 3rd tallest building in NY City

A photo of World's skinniest tower, Steinway Tower
111 West 57th Street/Steinway Tower
Photo credit: Dronalist

New York’s Steinway Tower is located within the 111 West 57th Luxury Condominiums, a renowned section often referred to as Billionaire’s Row.

Completed in 2021, the tower was designed by SHoP Architects to capture the classic 1930s modernist architectural style, featuring a tapered shape and bronze accents.

111 West 57th Street is the skinniest skyscraper globally, and the third tallest building in NY city, with a slim design compared to its height, at a ratio of 1:24.

The building has 60 fancy condos and 20,000 square feet of cool shared spaces.

Lots of the apartments in the building used to be part of Steinway Hall, which was a place for artists and famous musicians when it was open, serving as a store, office, and performance space.

The interiors were crafted by Studio Sofield.

While the interiors remain private, visitors can still admire its exterior, renowned as the world’s thinnest skyscraper.

4. One Vanderbilt- 4th tallest building in NY City

A photo of One Vanderbilt, one of NYC's tallest buildings
One Vanderbilt,
Source: SL Green Realty Corp

Ranked as the fourth tallest building in New York City, One Vanderbilt is 1,401 feet tall, boasting 93 floors of offices and businesses.

This glass skyscraper stands out with its unique stepped design.

SL Green, a real estate investment trust, developed the building, and Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates designed it.

You can check out their well-known observation deck called SUMMIT, which redefines the idea of an “observation deck” by combining art, technology, and the New York City view in a whole new way.

One Vanderbilt is open to the public for amazing city views, art exhibitions, events, and relaxed dining areas that stay open late.

5. 432 Park Avenue- 5th tallest building in NY City

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Rafael Vinoly designed 432 Park, a 1,396-foot tower for SLCE Architects, situated between 56th and 57th streets.

The whole building has 92 floors, and each floor is a private home with a modern and simple design.

Completed in 2015, this tall skyscraper held the title of the world’s tallest residential building, but Central Park Tower and Steinway Tower later surpassed it.

Still, it’s one of the most impressive residential skyscrapers ever made, with really high ceilings and large windows offering great views across much of New York City.

However, it remains one of the most impressive residential skyscrapers ever built, boasting exceptionally high ceilings and large windows that provide stunning views across much of New York City.

Comparison of Tallest Buildings in NYC 

Building Name Height
One World Trade Center 1,776 ft
Central Park Tower 1,550 ft
111 West 57th Street 1,428 ft
One Vanderbilt 1,401 ft
432 Park Avenue 1,397 ft
30 Hudson Yards 1,270 ft
Empire State Building 1,250 ft
Bank of America Tower 1,200 ft
3 World Trade Center 1,097 ft
The Brooklyn Tower 1,073 ft
53W53 1,050 ft
The Chrysler Building 1,046 ft


NY City’s skyscrapers are symbols of resilience, showcase architectural brilliance and embody the city’s progress.

From the powerful One World Trade Center to the slim 111 West 57th Street, each structure adds to the dynamic fabric of New York’s evolving cityscape.

As these monumental structures soar higher, they not only provide stunning city vistas but also symbolize the innovative and ambitious spirit at New York’s core.

The skyline stands as a testament to the city’s enduring spirit, forever reaching skyward toward new possibilities and a future shaped by the heights of human achievement.

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