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Discover Nick Cannon Height.

Nick Cannon is a versatile public figure recognized for his contributions to comedy, music, acting, and hosting well-received shows.

There is a curiosity about his physical attributes, specifically his height and weight, and a desire to understand how he stacks up against his peers in the entertainment industry.

This piece aims to delve into Nick Cannon’s height, weight, and his standing within the realm of entertainment.

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Nick Cannon Height
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Who is Nick Cannon?

Nick Cannon, born on October 8, 1980, in San Diego, California, is a versatile and accomplished entertainer.

His career spans roles as a rapper, actor, comedian, and TV host.

Starting as a teenager on “All That,” he later hosted “The Nick Cannon Show.”

Known for films like Drumline and Love Don’t Cost a Thing, Cannon gained fame hosting reality shows such as America’s Got Talent and The Masked Singer.

He’s also a rapper, collaborating with R. Kelly and others.

Married to Mariah Carey (2008-2016), he’s a parent to 12 children.

Beyond, he founded N’Credible Entertainment, a multimedia company in TV, film, and music.

In summary, Nick Cannon is a multi-talented figure achieving fame in entertainment.

Nick Cannon’s Personal Life

Nick Cannon faced health challenges in 2012, experiencing kidney failure and a pulmonary embolism due to lupus nephritis.

He graduated from Howard University in 2020.

Relationships and Children

Cannon has been involved in various relationships and marriages.

He was engaged to Selita Ebanks in 2007, married Mariah Carey in 2008 (divorced in 2016), and has three children with Brittany Bell.

He also had a son who passed away in 2021 with Alyssa Scott.

Other children include twins with Abby De La Rosa, a son with Bre Tiesi in 2022, and a daughter with LaNisha Cole in 2022.


Cannon has been involved in activism, filming a public service announcement in 2011 and serving as a spokesperson for the National Association of Letter Carriers’ food drive.

Racism Controversy:

In July 2020, Cannon faced controversy for making racist and anti-Semitic remarks on his podcast.

He was fired by ViacomCBS but later resumed hosting Wild ‘N Out after apologizing and engaging in educational efforts.

Nick Cannon’s Height

Despite Nick Cannon consistently asserting a height of 6 feet 1 inch, there is evidence suggesting that this claim may not be entirely accurate.

CelebHeights  indicates that Nick Cannon’s actual height is approximately 5 feet 10 and a half inches.

This places him slightly above the average height for American men, as reported by the CDC at 5 feet 9 inches.

This revelation suggests the possibility that Nick Cannon may be embellishing his stated height.

The motivation behind such embellishment could be rooted in various factors.

One reason might be to project a sense of greater dominance and confidence within his professional sphere, especially when interacting with taller individuals.

Nick Cannon’s Weight

Nick Cannon maintains a robust and athletic physique through consistent exercise and a healthy diet.

Despite facing challenges associated with lupus—an autoimmune condition affecting his kidneys and blood cells, requiring medication and stress management.

According to Healthy Celeb, Nick Cannon’s weight is approximately 78 kg or 171 lbs.

This aligns with his height of 180 cm or 5’10” and his age of 42 years.

While minor weight fluctuations may occur based on lifestyle and health conditions, he generally maintains commendable fitness levels.

Nick Cannon’s Height Compared

Nick Cannon is not the tallest celebrity, but he’s taller than some famous ex-partners like Mariah Carey and Christina Milian.

Compared to certain fellow entertainers, he’s taller than Kevin Hart, Lil Wayne, and Dave Chappelle.

However, he’s shorter than co-stars like Terry Crews and rivals like Eminem.

Nick Cannon’s Music Journey

  • Started with “Da G4 Dope Bomb Squad” in the late ’90s.
  • Signed with Jive Records in 2001; debut album in 2003.
  • Established Can-I-Ball Records in 2005.
  • Founded N’Credible Entertainment in 2009.
  • Released mixtape “Child of the Corn” in 2011.
  • Announced “White People Party Music” in 2013.
  • Engaged in a rap feud with Eminem in 2019.

Nick Cannon’s Diverse Ventures

  • Hosted MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out” and NBC’s “The Masked Singer.”
  • Launched and canceled “Nick Cannon” talk show in 2021.
  • Hosted “America’s Got Talent” from 2009 to 2016.
  • Chairman of TeenNick and created “Incredible Crew.”
  • Chief Creative Officer at RadioShack in 2015.
  • Signed deal with NBCUniversal for scripted content.
  • Hosts “Nick Cannon Mornings” at Power 106.

In conclusion

Nick Cannon’s asserted height of 6 feet 1 inch appears to be contested.

With sources suggesting a more accurate measurement around 5 feet 10 and a half inches.

Despite the variation, his stature, slightly above the average for American men, complements his versatile and successful career in the entertainment industry.


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