Heights Theater : Where Memories and Movies Meet

The Heights Theater, situated in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, is a renowned historic theater.

It proudly claims to be the longest-running show venue in the Twin Cities.

As for its location, you can find it at the intersection of 40th and Central.

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Heights theater
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Heights Theater History

The theater was constructed in 1926 in the Beaux Arts style.

It has a rich history, surviving multiple fires, a bombing, and a tornado in 1949 that damaged the tower sign.

Originally, it hosted vaudeville acts and showed new movies.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, the theater fell into disrepair but stayed open, screening older movies at discounted prices.

The City of Columbia Heights even considered condemning it.

However, renovations began in the mid-1990s and were completed by Tom Letness and David John Holmgren, who purchased the theater in 1998.

They brought back a Wurlitzer Pipe Organ from WCCO-AM radio and added antique chandeliers with Egyptian lead crystals, new carpets, remodeled bathrooms, and a new lobby.

The exterior was also restored based on the original blueprints found at the University of Minnesota.

Today, the theater shows new movies and hosts special events.

It’s also a part of Columbia Heights, proudly displaying street light banners to welcome visitors.

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What is Heights theater
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