Hamilton Heights : A Neighborhood Like No Other

Hamilton Heights, situated in the upper portion of Manhattan within New York City, represents the northernmost segment of West Harlem.

This neighborhood shares its borders with Manhattanville and Morningside Heights to the south.

It therefore encompasses the notable sub-neighborhood and historic district of Sugar Hill.

A significant event took place as the new city of Hamilton was established through the merger of Hamilton with five neighboring municipalities namely;

Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook, and Stoney Creek.

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Is it a desirable place to reside?


A close-knit community steeped in history dating back to the nation’s Founding Fathers.

Hamilton Heights boasts a moderate rate of violent crime and a notably low rate of property crime when compared to New York City as a whole.

Is Hamilton Heights an affordable neighborhood?

The average cost of rentals in Hamilton Heights spans from $2,100 for a studio apartment to $4,217 for a four-bedroom unit.

The median price for all presently available listings stands at $3,400, which translates to roughly $49 per square foot.

Over the past year, median rents for apartment units and housing in August 2023 have experienced an increase

Is Hamilton Heights a costly place to live?

The housing market in Hamilton Heights

In July 2023, the median listed home price in Hamilton Heights stood at $575,000, showing a notable -19.8% decrease compared to the previous year.

The median price per square foot for listed homes was $570, while the median price for homes that were sold was $481,300.

What’s the experience of residing in Hamilton Heights like?

Living there is regarded as a reasonably affordable option within New York City.

The neighborhood has witnessed a decline in crime rates over recent years.

This has seen a rejuvenation with the emergence of new restaurants, stores, and cultural attractions.

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What is Hamilton’s claim to fame?

Alexander Hamilton ยท George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. Alexander Hamilton holds a prominent position in American history as one of the nation’s founding fathers.

He actively participated in the American Revolutionary War, played a pivotal role in the drafting of the Constitution, and assumed the role of the first secretary of the treasury.

His legacy endures as he is credited as the mastermind behind the establishment of the American financial system.

Which area in Hamilton is the wealthiest?

Top Places to Reside in 2022:

Hamilton Real Estate The most opulent neighborhoods in the region, including Ancaster Heights, Sulphur Springs, and Durand South, boast average property prices exceeding $1.1 million.

These areas are prized for their proximity to locally owned shops, fitness centers, bars, and dining establishments, making them highly desirable places to live in Hamilton

Is Hamilton a cost-effective place to reside?

Recent Oxford Economics research indicates that Hamilton is less affordable than Los Angeles and New York City.

According to this new study, Vancouver, Toronto, and Hamilton rank as the least affordable cities in North America.

With Vancouver claiming the top spot, Toronto following closely behind, and Hamilton securing the third position.

It’s probably not surprising that Hamilton offers a more budget-friendly living option when compared to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

On average, the cost of a condominium in Hamilton is approximately 30% lower than that of a similar-sized unit in Toronto.

Additionally, the detached homes are selling for nearly 40% less on average than their counterparts in Toronto.

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