Dacre Montgomery Height: Uncover the Reality!

Discover Dacre Montgomery Height.

Dacre Montgomery is the acclaimed Australian actor recognized for playing Billy in Stranger Things.

He is a rising star with a growing list of credits.

Despite his on-screen portrayal of an antagonist, he is known for his genuine affection for his younger sister in real life.

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Dacre Montgomery Height
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Dacre Montgomery Height

In comparison to other celebrities, Dacre Montgomery stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches, which is equivalent to 1.78 meters.

Dacre Montgomery’s Early Life and Family

Dacre Kayd Montgomery-Harvey entered the world on November 22, 1994, in Perth, Australia.

At present, Dacre Montgomery is 25 years old. Born to Scott Montgomery Harvey and Judith Barret-Lennard, his father hails from New Zealand, and his mother has Australian-Canadian roots.

Both parents were involved in the Australian film industry.

Dacre has a younger sister named Saskia Montgomery, who is 12 years his junior.

During his formative years, Dacre faced challenges as an overweight child and endured bullying.

Additionally, his upbringing was marked by strict parental rules, including a restriction on watching TV until the age of five.

Dacre Montgomery Education

In his youth, Dacre Montgomery attended Mount Lawley Senior High School before embarking on a three-year course at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

He successfully earned an acting degree from Edith Cowan University in 2015.

Although academics didn’t capture his enthusiasm, Dacre demonstrated a keen interest in acting and participated actively in various extracurricular activities.

Interestingly, during his high school days, his peers predicted his future success by voting him the ‘most likely student to become a Hollywood star.

Who is Dacre Montgomery dating?

Dacre Montgomery is in a relationship with Liv Pollock, an Australian model from Perth.

The couple met through social media.

Dacre expressed gratitude for Liv’s support, acknowledging her as the backbone of his endeavors.

In an Instagram post, he praised her intelligence, elegance, and unwavering support, emphasizing the importance of recognizing partners for their contributions.

Dacre Montgomery Career Journey

Growing up surrounded by the Australian film industry due to his parents’ involvement, Dacre’s early exposure to film sets ignited his passion for acting.

He made his debut on the performance stage at the tender age of nine.

By the time he turned 10, he secured a role as an extra in a short film.

At 12, Dacre delved into extensive acting classes to hone his skills.

During a family trip to Vancouver at the same age, he met an agent who suggested he embark on a weight loss journey.

It was a pivotal moment that marked the beginning of Dacre’s transformation.

Dacre Montgomery’s Works in Film and Television

Dacre Montgomery has graced the screen in various productions throughout his career.

Notable entries in the list of Dacre Montgomery movies and TV shows include:

  • In Vitro (2020) – Male narrator
  • Stranger Things (2017-2019) – Billy Hargrove
  • Angus & Julia Stone: Chateau (2017) – Lead Man
  • Power Rangers (2017) – Jason (Red Ranger)
  • A Few Less Men (2017) – Mike
  • Better Watch Out (2016) – Jeremy
  • Tryptophan (2015) – Jake
  • Make Them Suffer: Old Souls (2015) – Robert
  • Bertrand the Terrible (2011) – Fred
  • Family Tree Pilot Trailer (2011) – Will

Dacre Montgomery Height (FAQs)

  1. What is the pronunciation of the name Dacre? It is pronounced like “acre,” with the letter D at the beginning.
  2. What is Billy’s age in Stranger Things? In season 3 of Stranger Things, Billy is 18 years old. Dacre Montgomery, the actor portraying Billy, has overcome bullying to become a prominent figure in Hollywood, making his biography truly inspiring.


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