Charles Halford Height: From Head to Toe

What is Charles Halford Height?

Charles Halford is an American actor and is renowned for his roles such as ;

-Chas Chandler in the NBC series Constantine

-Yago in Episode 4 Season 8 of The Walking Dead

-Big John in Outerbanks

-Earl in Logan Lucky

-Sammy Wilds in Bad Times at the El Royale.

He stands at a height of 1.98 meters.

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Charles Halford Height
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Meet Charles Halford, The Actor who plays Big John

Born on February 28, 1980, this 43-year-old has been in the industry for decades.

You might recognize him as Reggie Ledoux from the first season of True Detective or as Nate from the 2016 TV series Rectify.

Recently, Charles shared some behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram with his Outer Banks co-star and on-screen son Chase Stokes.

Excited about the third season release, he expressed his love for the series with a heartwarming caption:

“Y’all ready for this? #OBX3 at midnight! Such an amazing ride! My heart is exploding in wonder and gratitude rn!”

How old is Charles Halford

Born on February 28, 1980,

Charles Halford is currently 43 years old as of 2023.

He observes his birthday on the 28th of February each year.

Charles Halford’s Early Life

Charles Halford was born on February 28, 1980, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

He grew up with six siblings in a family where his father worked as a mechanic.

His interest in acting blossomed from an early age, often entertaining family and friends with plays and performances.

Charles Halford Education

Halford attended Highland High School in Salt Lake City, actively participating in drama classes and school productions.

Subsequently, he pursued a degree in theater at the University of Utah.

Charles Halford’s Family Background 

Both of Halford’s parents originate from Salt Lake City, Utah.

His father was employed as a mechanic, while his mother dedicated her time to homemaking.

Maintaining a sense of privacy, Halford, who has four brothers and one sister, keeps details about his family life discreet.

How tall is the character Big John in Outer Banks?

Charles Halford, the actor portraying Big John in the action-packed Netflix series, is said to be 6’6″ (6 feet, 6 inches) tall.

In a 2014 interview with Atlanta magazine, the 42-year-old actor discussed his audition process, mentioning;

“I’m a tall guy – I’m like six-six – so it’s rare that you see them specifically looking for really tall people for series regulars.

It was just an audition, and they were looking for my height.

I went in and did a good enough job for them to hire me.

Charles Halford’s Career and Net Worth

After completing his studies at the University of Utah, Halford relocated to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

His inaugural professional acting role was in “Desertion,” followed by appearances on various television shows like “Monk,” “CSI: Miami,” and “Cold Case.”

Notably, in 2011, he secured a recurring role as Simon Lee in “The Event.”

In 2012, Halford earned a guest-starring spot on the popular television series “True Blood.”

He also featured in the critically acclaimed 2014 HBO series “True Detective.”

Later that same year, gained a recurring role on ABC television’s successful series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” portraying J.T. James, also known as Hellfire.

Throughout his career, Halford has been part of several films, including “The Revenant” and “Logan.”

In “The Revenant,” he portrayed Barrow, and in “Logan,” he took on the role of Albino.

Charles Halford‘s estimated net worth is approximately $1 million, primarily stemming from his successful career as an actor.

Charles Halford Height (FAQs)

1. What are some notable roles played by Charles Halford?

Charles Halford has portrayed memorable characters in various TV shows and movies, including “Constantine,” “True Detective,” “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” and “The Walking Dead.”

2. Does Charles Halford have any upcoming projects?

As of now, there are no official announcements regarding Charles Halford’s upcoming projects. However, fans eagerly anticipate his next on-screen appearance.

3. Has Charles Halford won any awards for his performances?

While Charles Halford has not won any major awards to date, his performances have garnered critical acclaim and appreciation from audiences.

4. How did Charles Halford start his acting career?

After completing his studies in theater, Charles Halford began his acting career by appearing in local theater productions before transitioning to television and film.

5. What are Charles Halford’s hobbies apart from acting?

Apart from acting, Charles Halford enjoys playing guitar, songwriting, practicing martial arts, and spending time with his family.

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