Atlanta’s Tallest Building: Exploring Atlanta’s Jewel Crown!

Atlanta, Georgia’s capital and largest city, is home to many impressive skyscrapers that shape its skyline. So, what’s the tallest building in Atlanta?

Amid Atlanta’s lively downtown, a super tall building is the boss of them all, the Bank of America Plaza.

It’s not just big; it’s like the crown jewel of the city’s skyline.

When the sun goes down, this skyscraper transforms into a glowing giant, making the whole city look like a futuristic dream.

Let’s dive into the cool story of Atlanta’s tallest building, where ambition, smart design, and a touch of glam come together to create something seriously awesome.

Get ready to explore the Bank of America Plaza, the standout star in Atlanta’s cityscape.

An image of Atlanta's tallest building
Bank of America Plaza – the tallest building in Atlanta and the South-eastern U.S. Source: Shutterstock

What’s the tallest building in Atlanta?

The tallest building in Atlanta is The Bank of America Plaza. 

At a height of 1,023 ft (312 m), the Bank of America Plaza is the 23rd tallest building in the US and the 155th tallest building worldwide. 

Additionally, Atlanta’s tallest building is also the tallest skyscraper in the south eastern region.

Despite the impressive height of 1023 feet, only 728 feet is occupied. It’s a 55 story-building made up of concrete steel, all serving as ofiice spaces.

Standing at 1,023 feet (312 meters), Bank of America Plaza is not only a landmark of Atlanta, but also a symbol of its economic and cultural vitality.

The building, which was completed in 1992, was originally intended to be the headquarters of Citizens & Southern National Bank, but became the property of NationsBank (now Bank of America) after a hostile takeover.

It’s also important to note that the construction of 1072 West Peachtree, a 60-story mixed-use skyscraper, began in July 2023.

Upon it’s completion, It will be one of the tallest buildings in Atlanta in more than three decades. Specifically, the 5th tallest in Atlanta.

As per the records, the tower will be 730 feet high and will have luxury apartments, 224,000 square feet of premium office space, and shops on the ground floor.

Furthermore, the new building will have 350 rental units and about 6,300 square feet of retail space on the street level, adding to the vibrant West Peachtree area.

Top 10 tallest buildings in Atlanta

Rank Name Height Floors Year
1 Bank of America Plaza 1,023 ft (312 m) 55 1992
2 Truist Plaza 871 ft (265 m) 60 1992
3 One Atlantic Center 820 ft (250 m) 50 1987
4 191 Peachtree Tower 770 ft (235 m) 50 1992
5 Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel 723 ft (220 m) 73 1976
6 Three Alliance Center 692 ft (211 m) 30 2016
7 Georgia-Pacific Tower 697 ft (212 m) 52 1982
8 SunTrust Plaza 683 ft (208 m) 60 1992
9 Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta 609 ft (186 m) 53 1992
10 Promenade II 691 ft (211 m) 38 1990


Bank of America Plaza is more than just Atlanta’s tallest building. It is a testament to Atlanta’s ambition, innovation, and resilience.

Atlanta’s crown jewel has witnessed the city’s transformation from a regional hub to a global metropolis.

Furthermore, it has overcome challenges such as a hostile takeover, a major tornado, and a financial crisis.

More importantly, it has inspired generations of architects, engineers, and designers, who have contributed to the city’s diverse and dynamic skyline.

So, as the sun sets and the lights come on, this super tall building tells a story of a city that keeps moving forward, always reaching for the sky.

Atlanta’s tallest building isn’t just part of the skyline; it’s a big, shiny reminder that in this city, we aim high and never stop.

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